Here you will find a snapshot of the various projects I have been involved with over the course of my career.

We’re Here. Hi. Let’s Play! Women in Gaming Temporary Exhibition at the Centre for Computing History

21 October – 10 November 2017, Centre for Computing History

As part of an institution-wide series of programmes and events focused on telling the stories of women’s contributions to the field of computing, I curated and designed a temporary exhibition about women in video gaming. The exhibition centred on women as characters, women as game developers, and women as players.

As part of the exhibition process, I carried out research into these three aspects of video game history and culture, worked with collections specialists at the Centre to accession new objects for the permanent collection as well as highlighting objects already in the collection, and created digital interactives.

The exhibition also featured audience feedback and participation zones which invited visitors to share their own experiences as well as their favourite female video game characters.

The exhibition was very well received and had a high level of engagement.


Research Centre for Museums and Galleries: Exceptional & Extraordinary

June 2016

I worked as part of the evaluation team for Exceptional & Extraordinary, a series of live performances at medical museums around the UK designed to stimulate debate around the idea of difference and disability.

As part of the evaluation work, I conducted filmed interviews with audience members to capture their reactions and views of the artist interventions. I also helped to design the project website.

Remembering Rosa Parks: Understanding the US Civil Rights Movement 2015

Oct 2015

I was part of a four-person team which developed an object-based educational programme focused on engaging students in productive dialogues about the continuing struggle for racial equality both in the United States and the United Kingdom. This formed part of an educational day for local school children and was led by the American Studies programme at the University of Leicester,

As part of the team, I helped develop and deliver the introductory and concluding portions of the session which not only involved orienting students but also setting the appropriate tone, introducing the immediacy of racial inequalities in both the US and UK settings, and drawing all the threads together in a final dialogue with the students.

Development of Learning Resources for Palace Green Library: Ancient Greece

Sep 2013 – May 2014

In preparation of the Wolfson Gallery in Palace Green Library, which included a heavy focus on the University’s archaeology collections, Durham University’s Library and Museums’ Learning Team wished to revise their Ancient Greece education session and associated teaching package. The idea was to adapt these for use in the new gallery and in line with the new National Curriculum, with a particular focus on Key Stage 2 children who would be visiting the gallery in groups.

As part of the team, I took an advisory role relying on my expertise as a former primary school classroom educator. Together, we developed a flexible educational package which gave both teachers and museum educators a wide variety of activities which could be incorporated into a gallery visit.

Teacher’s Pack – Ancient Greece (PDF)

Barringer Fellowship with the International Center for Jefferson Studies

Jul 2011

As part of my two week Barringer Fellowship, I developed a curricular unit based upon research I conducted at the Jefferson Library and the Robert and Shirley Small Special Collection Library at the University of Virginia. The unit was designed to meet NJ Core Curriculum Content Standards and US National Standards for music. My work was featured on the website.

As part of the unit, I designed activities suitable for 3rd and 4th grade general music students which included an Instrument Petting Zoo featuring instruments of the 18th and 19th century as well as a project for fourth grade students to recreate Thomas Jefferson’s design for a metronome.