Jennifer Bergevin, PhD Researcher

I left a career as an educator in the United States in order to pursue my interest in museum studies. After earning an MA in Museum and Artefact Studies from Durham University, I embarked upon a PhD at the University of Leicester.

My research is focused on understanding the long-term impacts of museums engaged in transformative social justice exhibitions on visitors. Drawing from critical pedagogy, transformative learning theory, and the transtheoretical model of change in order to frame the discussion of impact,  I hope to find a way to describe how activist museums help shape visitors’ perceptions of social justice topics and spur them on to take action in their own personal lives and communities.

While my PhD research takes up the majority of my time, I have also been involved in other research projects with the Research Centre for Museums and Galleries as well as taking part in community projects such as Remembering Rosa Parks: Understanding the US Civil Rights Movement. I also work as a Learning Resources Developer for the Distance Learning Team at the School of Museum Studies where I help develop content for Socially Engaged Practice in Museums and Galleries, a flexible suite of online modules.